Let the Mischief Begin!

Fremont Mischief FlourishSpirit Philosophy

“We use organic and heirloom grains, and for our whiskey, small-crop conventional rye if we can’t find enough local organic. Even though these grains have less starch and much lower yield, we feel these grains make Mischief spirits more flavorful, and give them a softer finish. It’s worth it to us because we want to make the very finest for all who choose our spirits.  The heart in our logo is a symbol of our pledge to you.  Hearts are the center cut – the very finest spirits produced during distillation. Hearts also symbolize the very best of the human spirit. For us, Fremont Mischief is both.”  Mike Sherlock, owner

Fremont Mischief FlourishLocally Sourced

When you buy Fremont Mischief we promise you we will keep it local, strive to gather the best ingredients from our community growers, and make the very best spirits we can for you. We start with fresh grains from nearby Whidbey Island where fields of organic & heirloom grains, soft winter wheat and emmer are grown for Mischief. Small farms from Washington and the Willamette Valley supply our rye.  Sourcing locally helps other families and businesses grow while keeping a light footprint on the Earth. At Mischief,  our spent grain goes to local farms for reuse, we collect our bottles to refill and use gin botanicals for new, refreshing scents for home. We keep it local. Keep it green, build community and take care of each other. That’s what it’s all about.

Fremont Mischief FlourishFind Us

Find a little Mischief in your neighborhood. Visit our tasting room, or look for the local store or restaraunt near you.

Fremont Mischief FlourishMixology

Check out our favorite bartenders as they mix it up! Join us as we check in with the best bartenders in Seattle and see what’s behind their bar.

Whiskey + Chowder

Fremont Mischief is very excited to be participating in Edible Northwest’s First Annual Whiskey & Chowder Festival. Join master chefs and distillers at the Foundry in Sodo for this mouthwatering, winter-warming event. Local restaurants will highlight the sea and tempt your palate with their signature chowder, cioppino, bouillabaisse, and bisques. This …
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Valentine’s Day pop up shop

We’re excited about an upcoming Valentine’s Day pop up shop at @publicbikesseattle in Capitol Hill on February 13th! We’re joining @fremontmischief and @teressajohnson to offer last minute gifts for lovers.

Did you know we have a rum?

Made with sugarcane juice rather than molasses this rum is fresh and a little bit sweet. Very delightful! Come give it a try at our distillery! #rum #seattle

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