Hand & Surface Sanitizer


Fremont Mischief Distillery has joined with the Washington Distillers Guild to make hand and surface sanitizer for personal and industrial use.

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Mischief Hand and Surface Sanitizer destroys the Covid19 virus and sanitizes:

  • work stations and other work surfaces
  • hands when employees leave & return
  • after visitors enter a work space

We have ample sanitizer in personal and industrial sizes ready to meet your needs.

Pick up only, we are not shipping.

Looking for large quantities or something custom?

We can make you custom spray bottles or 55 gallon drums to fulfill your industrial sized needs. If you would like a custom order, please give us a call at 206-632-0957 and ask for Patti. Or fill out this form and we will connect with you via phone or email to create your custom order.

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Mischief makes our sanitizer according to the FDA/WHO formula from FOOD GRADE ethanol.  Lab tested at 82.5%, its easy on hands and skin.  Our sanitizer has a liquid consistency – to spray disinfect both hands & surfaces.

Mischief Hand & Surface Sanitizer is made from FOOD GRADE ethanol.

  • We lab-tested our Sanitizer to assure it falls well within FDA standards.
  • The FDA/WHO Formula requires a finished product to contain 80% ethanol v/v (+/- 5%).
  • Mischief’s Hand & Surface Sanitizer tests at 82.58%v/v.

Mischief uses the following ingredients specified by the FDA for safety: 

  • Ethanol: Food Grade, high proof: 192-194 proof
  • Glycerin USP Grade (meets United States Pharmacopeia standards)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 6% NSF (National Sanitary Foundation approved)
  • Purified Water (distilled or reverse osmosis)

The FDA is cracking down on ethanol manufacturers for impurities and high levels of aldehydes. Some ethanol producers sell fuel or technical grades of ethanol, so rest assured, Mischief is taking your safety seriously and is manufacturing a quality product.

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Personal Size, Gallon, Case:24-32oz bottles, 5 gallons