Canal Street Bourbon

New Release September 2020!


Tasting Notes:

Predominantly toasted nut flavor, with light caramel, vanilla and a lingering note of fresh oak


Distillers Notes:

Bourbon originated in the southern states but it’s a big country and we say “go west” where the land is lush, the sea air clean, and the grain is grown sustainably on small family farms.
Like its southern counterparts, Canal Street Bourbon is 51% corn, and yet, what a difference the remaining 49% makes.

Verdant Rye & Wheat thrive in the PNW’s moist climate with soil 30 feet deep,
watered by soft rain & matured in a luxuriant growing season. That’s where the difference begins. It continues with our Distiller’s meticulous attention to his craft and his extraordinary gift for blending
harvested barrels.