Industrial Sized Hand Sanitizer Order Form

As of 4/15/20 we have delivered over 3,500 gallons of Hand Sanitizer to those who need it most!

We are working closely with the Washington State Distillers Guild, they are on the front lines of coordinating this herculean effort to get production of this much needed product out to all the needed areas across our state. These prices reflect a 5% service charge we are giving back to the Distillers Guild help pay for all the hard work they are doing to coordinate this effort.

Please let us know what sizes you are interested in and how we can contact you to streamline getting supplies to you as quickly as possible.. We will call, text or write you back to coordinate the final details.

  • Prices had to go up a bit as of 3-27-20, the cost of the other ingredients needed to follow the WHO and FDA approved formula (like Isopropyl Alcohol) have gone up in price astronomically in the last few days, so we had to raise the price a bit to cover the new cost of goods.
  • If you just need some for personal use, please just come into our tasting room and purchase in person, we have 13oz bottles available for $14, you can buy 2-3 if needed. We are open 11-6, Wed – Sun. We are not shipping personal sized bottles.
  • We are trying to cover a lot of need across the state, so if you are looking for 10 or more cases, we will work with you on a way to receive some of your order in cases of the quart sized bottles and some in 5 gallon buckets so you can refill your own containers. Thank You!

Bulk Sanitizer Order

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