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As featured in Sunset Magazine | May 2013

75 reasons to love the West

The top people, places, things, and trends that make us happy to live here now.

Genius in a bottle.

Sunset John JacobThe beverages we’re loving:
Fremont Mischief John Jacob Whiskey
(pictured). Distilled in Seattle with rye grown in Washington and Oregon. $33;

Hangar 1 Mandarin Blossom Vodka.Infused with mandarin blossoms plucked in Exeter, CA. $25;

High West Whiskey Rendezvous Rye.
Blended at Utah’s first (legal, ahem) distillery to open since 1870. $50;
Re:Find Vodka. Distilled from grapes grown in Paso Robles, CA, instead of the traditional potatoes or grain.$35;

Leopold Bros. Rocky Mountain Liqueur.Four-plus pounds of Denver black­berries in each bottle. $37;

Sergeant Classick Gold Rum. Made from Hawaiian molasses, distilled in Mountain View, CA. $30;

Pok Pok Som Drinking Vinegar. Crafted from Northwest raspberries and great splashed into drinks or over ice cream.$15;

’Tude Juice Pinky’tude Apple Juice.Made with not-too-sweet Cripps Pinks from Yakima Valley, WA. From $3;

And the rest of the list……

  • The Grand Canyon, even grander
  • Everyday, handmade
  • Artisanal compost
  • Amazing flavors
  • We’ve given a great artist a great home
  • That Hawaiian sound
  • Artisanal chocolate ups its game
  • We love a comeback
  • Our backdoor national park
  • We’re done apologizing for our bagels
  • A new kind of jazz club
  • Grist for the mill
  • Locally sourced body products
  • We’re inspiring future scientists
  • Foraging made easy
  • Heaven in a bowl
  • Local lettuce, year-round
  • Our portal to the final frontier
  • Zin is back
  • The tiniest garden
  • Architectural eye candy
  • Floral find
  • Over-the-top DIY
  • Cutting-edge gadget
  • Dessert wine makes waves
  • Eco innovation
  • Sweet treats
  • Dazzling public art
  • CSAs that always surprise
  • Public transit goes bigger
  • Land worth protecting
  • Super-gorgeous cycling
  • Feel-good farmed salmon
  • Bottles with park perks
  • Best. Socks. Ever.
  • Michael Pollan keeps changing the way we eat
  • Denver changes beer—again
  • Top-notch beer isn’t limited to Denver
  • Your Lego palace awaits
  • The sharing economy keeps growing
  • The next food truck craze
  • A smarter way to drink wine
  • The chicken coop is the new doghouse
  • Gifts from the seaEnjoy gifts from the sea
  • Wineries as the ultimate playgrounds
  • Tea hits the big time
  • Bike nation
  • Cocktail catering
  • Nurseries are the new bookstores
  • The jam explosion
  • Urban wineries
  • Farming 2.0
  • Western cheeses, bigger than ever
  • Gear made here
  • Mushroom fever
  • Loving your lawn
  • Food truck on the brink
  • Most worth-it homesteading trend
  • The B&B shows its sexy side
  • Game-changing urban farming
  • Experience trumps consumption
  • Inspired salvage
  • Pop-up parks
  • Dinner at the bar
  • Everyone can be a cheesemaker here
  • Veggie vacations
  • Soft-serve grows up
  • Oceanside oysters
  • Two-wheeled businesses
  • Green hotels hit the mainstream
  • Olive oil, within reach
  • The new motor lodges
  • The case for Disneyland
  • Dark skies, our last best place

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