The Daily Sip: Fremont Mischief Rex Velvet “Sinister Spirit” Beet Vodka

SPIRIT FRIDAY: Fremont Mischief Distillery Rex Velvet “Sinister Spirit” Beet Vodka

by Erin Thomas


That’s a mouthful and so is this limited edition specialty vodka by Fremont Mischief. The spirit is dazzlingly infused with beet juice for a menacing veneer in the glass to match its muse – Rex Velvet, Seattle’s villainous answer to the city’s faux crime-fighter, Phoenix Jones. The Sinister Spirit Beet Vodka isn’t quite the sparkling spirit seen in Rex’s inaugural video but it certainly has flickers on its own accord with tangy sweet red beet and a creamy wheat mouthfeel. Feeling sinister? Try it neat like Rex does.


Posted on Sip Northwest

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