A little help from our friends…

Spirits are keeping our community safe

In order to respond to urgent need for hand sanitizer in our community, Mischief distillers asked themselves how they could produce thousands of gallons of high proof ethanol in a matter of days.

The answer: Redistilling a liquid with an existing alcohol content into a high proof ethanol takes days off of the distillation process. Since we don’t have to wait for the initial fermentation, we can expedite the process of producing large quantities of WHO/FDA approved hand sanitizer, in personal and industrial sizes for distribution.

We would like to thank the kind hearted, community-oriented people, and companies that have reached out to help us provide this essential need.

John Bell of Willis Hall said about his donation “We’re all in this together, we got to pull together.” John donated 6,035 gallons of wine to be redistilled for the making of hand sanitizer. We would also like to thank Jeff Boyer of Ambrosia Selections for their donations of Vodka and gin. Steve Burnell and Harold McGovern from Young’s Market Company for their donations of various wines and spirits.

Our neighbors down the canal at Fremont Brewing have donated 100+ kegs of beer for us to re-distill. Due to the restaurants not buying as much as normal, they have a backlog of kegs that will likely go bad before they can be consumed, so they are stepping up to help out and putting all that beer to good use!

It is a Mischief core value to give back and help keep our community strong.

With the generous donations of spirits, Mischief has been able to make thousands of much needed gallons of hand sanitizer very quickly. We will continue in our mission to make as much hand sanitizer as possible for those who are out there on the front lines, and in their homes.

At Mischief, we are very happy in our role of joining together with others to keep first responders and our community safe.

We feel very grateful to have the opportunity to produce and distribute Mischief hand sanitizer to local medical staff, elder care facilities, police, child care centers, service providers to the homeless population, and our local community.

Over the years we have been involved with several fundraising events. We teamed up with the Captains from “The Deadliest Catch” to support ALS Development Therapy, Sea Scouts, and others. “Carry the Lantern” was a special project that donated to Growing Veterans, a non-profit that seeks to end the feeling of isolation and helps to empower our veterans by growing food, community, and each other.