Bait Live! with the Deadliest Catch Captains

The Deadliest Catch Captains are back in Seattle to celebrate the “Catch’s” 200th episode and to film “Bait Live” at the local fisherman’s hangout, Market Arms in Ballard, WA. Host Matt Rogers quizzed the Captains all about Season 14’s challenges and triumphs.

Captains Josh Harris and Casey McManus return, man overboard! epic waves damage the F/VBrenna A, this year’s super moon wreaks havoc, a tsunami and some of the worst winter weather ever… make Season 14 one you won’t want to miss.

Fan’s are asking, “What about the Captains’ Storm Tossed Rye Whiskey?” Did the barrels survive high seas and greenhorns looking for a warm-up from winter storms ?

Every barrel survived as did the whiskey inside. We met with the Brenna A’s Captain Sean, Jenny Dwyer and Bri Brending this week to toast “Season 14” and to try a little sample. Afterwards, we all agreed…to be truly great whiskey; something we’re proud to offer to the Fans – it needs another year in the Bering Sea. Excellence and aging a fine whiskey takes its own sweet time.

Fans can follow the Captain’s ships and Storm Tossed Rye Whiskey as it continues to barrel age in rough, challenging waters while the Captains fish the Bering Sea. The F/V Northwestern and the F/V Wizard are in Seattle, while the F/V Cornelia Marie and the F/v Brenna A are moored in Alaska. The action begins again in May.

Photo by Bri Brending on the Brenna A
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