The Art of the Bar

image3What a fun time to be an adventurous drinker! Bartenders the world over are becoming more and more creative with their concoctions these days. And the common misconception is that you can only have this experience at a craft bar. You can be part of the cocktail renaissance and bring the “Art of the Bar” to your home. All you need is a great recipe, fresh ingredients, and little inspiration! Here at Mischief we are dedicated to helping you create the best cocktails down to the last detail, including barware, tested recipes and glassware. As inspired as any cocktail can be, the perfect glass always enhances the experience. A beautifully balanced cocktail made with care & creativity deserves to be sipped out of something equally as beautiful. Mischief has handpicked antique glassware and barware that Mike and Patti collect from all over the world. Stop by our Tasting Room for a little Mischief and we will help you get everything your home bar needs – including our best tested cocktail recipes. And, if you’re still trying to determine the perfect gift for your cocktail-loving friend or family, consider giving them the gift of the “Art of the Bar.”

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