Blushing Sugarberry

Raise a glass and make a toast this holiday season with this festive sparkling delight. This lovely and light cocktail combines flavors you wouldn’t think of together but is really just a variation on a classic French 75 and is very easy to make.  Combine Fremont Mischief’s Whiskey with your favorite bubbly, orange liquor, the juice from a blood orange and garnish with candied Cranberries, and you will be sure to add a little blush to anyone’s cheeks! The garnishes can be made ahead of time and surely add a little festive flair to any cocktail.(Makes 2 Cocktails, recipe by Jill Carter)


2 shots Fremont Mischief Whiskey
2 shot orange liquor (Grand Marnier, Harlequin Orange Liquor or Cointreau)
Juice of a blood orange
8 ounces Bubbly (Prosecco or Champagne)


Blood oranges are a Spanish variety that are particularly sweet with juice that is very red, adding a nice blush to the cocktail.

Put juice, liquor and whiskey in shaker with ice. Shake to chill. Strain into glass and top off with Prosecco or Champagne.

Top with Candied Cranberry garnish. Get garnish recipe here. Enjoy!

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