Fremont Winter Smash

Have you tried our latest release of Fremont Mischief Whiskey? That’s right folks, our Mischief Whiskey has a new formula and we are beyond excited for everyone to try it! This time around, we used some of our oldest barrels, barrels we have been patiently waiting to open since 2009! We age it in one-time-use bourbon barrels for seven years, then proof it at 90. This whiskey has everything. It’s very present oak flavor is at the forefront but backs off to make way for the subtle smoke undertones and finishes with a warm hazelnut essence and comforting butterscotch notes. Stop into our Tasting Room to try it out for yourself! Here is a cocktail we tried out last week featuring our new favorite whiskey.

(Makes 1 cocktail)


2 tbsp. of preserves or jam – we tried with raspberry and blackberry but use your favorite!
1 ½ ounces of Fremont Mischief Whiskey
½ ounce of triple sec – we used Cointreau
1 ½ – 2 ounces of Orange Juice
Orange segments (optional-for garnish)
Club soda (optional-this adds some freshness and bubbles)


Combine all ingredients except soda water and orange segments into a shaker and vigorously shake for 15-30 seconds.

Pour into a glass over ice. Add orange segments and soda water (if desired) then enjoy!

This cocktail is fun and versatile! Swap out your favorite jams or preserves as well as your favorite juices!