Old Mischievous Ways

recipe designed by:
Paul Ritums, The Westy, Seattle


2 oz John Jacob Whiskey
½ oz Spiced Simple Syrup (recipe below)
2 dashes Aromatic Bitter Face Bitters (or Fee’s Old Fashioned or angostura bitters)
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Long strip of orange peel as garnish

In a mixing glass, combine all liquid ingredients, add ice and stir until well chilled. Strain into an ice-filled Old-Fashioned glass. If you have an oversized large ice cube, even better! Take a wide strip of orange peel and express oils over the glass and run peel around rim and place in finished cocktails.

 Spiced Simple Syrup

2/3 cups sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 cup water
grate the peel off of a whole fresh orange
20 or so whole cloves
2 cinnamon sticks, broken up

Combine all ingredients in a pot and bring to a light boil, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Once boiling, reduce heat and simmer for 15 min. Remove from heat and let cool. Filter out solids using a fine mesh strainer. Bottle and keep refrigerated, will last a couple of weeks.