Spicy Whiskey Ginger

Warm up this winter with a delicious and easy 3 ingredient cocktail. We love the fun syrups from our neighbors down south at Portland Syrups. They always use real ingredients, source things locally and make everything by hand, just like us!


  • 2 oz Skagit Gold Straight Rye Whiskey
  • 1 oz Spicy Ginger Syrup from Portland Syrups
  • 2 oz fresh

Sparkling Brandy & Spice

This is a delightful and sophisticated little cocktail featuring Portland Syrups Autumn Spice and Fremont Mischief’s Urban Foraged Small Batch Copper Pot Distilled Brandy. It is a perfect cocktail to serve up for your next holiday gathering. 


2 oz. Mischief Urban Foraged Brandy
1 oz. Autumn Spice Syrup from Portland Syrup
1/2 0z. fresh Lemon Juice (about 1/2 a …

Vintage 50’s Rye Manhattan

The Manhattan Cocktail is one of the most recognized cocktail names, with a recipe that has remained largely stable for a hundred years. It is a strong drink and it amplifies rather than softens the flavor of the whiskey that is its base. This classic is an excellent aperitif to any dinner party.


2 oz Fremont Mischief Rye Whiskey
1 oz

Old Mischievous Ways

recipe designed by:
Paul Ritums, The Westy, Seattle


2 oz John Jacob Whiskey
½ oz Spiced Simple Syrup (recipe below)
2 dashes Aromatic Bitter Face Bitters (or Fee’s Old Fashioned or angostura bitters)
2 dashes Orange Bitters
Long strip of orange peel as garnish

In a mixing glass, combine all liquid ingredients, add ice and stir until well chilled. …

Fremont’s Sleigh Rye

This cocktail is simple, festive, and a crowd pleaser! You will need:

2 oz Fremont Mischief Straight Rye Whiskey
2 oz cranberry juice (take it up a notch and make your own fresh Cranberry Juice!)
1 oz simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar, cooked until mixture is completely liquid)
1 oz lemon juice
3 Dashes of Fee’s Old Fashioned

Twinkle Toes

Dance through New Years with a little twinkle in your step with this delicious upgrade to a classic French 75. The Barrel Finished Gin adds complexity and subtle notes of vanilla and oak.


1 oz Fremont Mischief’s Barrel Finished Gin
1/4 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz Dry Orange Curacao Liqueur
top off with your favorite Prosecco, Bubbly or …


Please any holiday gathering with this delicious cocktail full of delicate winter spice. Garnish with these delightful SugarBerries and you are sure to impress all your guests, even your odd Aunt Myrtle who was never really sure about your hosting skills.


Juice of 1/2 fresh grapefruit
2 oz Fremont Mischief Vodka
1 oz clove spiced simple syrup (recipe below)

Mischief Tangerine Mule

(Makes 1 Cocktail, recipe by Chef Kathy Casey)


¼ tangerine or orange wedge
1 ½ oz Fremont Mischief Vodka
1 oz fresh lime juice
1 1/2 oz. Tangerine Ginger Beer Pre-Mix

Tangerine Ginger Beer Pre-Mix (makes 16 ounces)

¾ c. simple syrup (1:1)
¾ c. Monin Old fashioned Ginger Ale Syrup
½ c. Monin Orange Tangerine Syrup
Mix together …

Blushing Sugarberry

Raise a glass and make a toast this holiday season with this festive sparkling delight. This lovely and light cocktail combines flavors you wouldn’t think of together but is really just a variation on a classic French 75 and is very easy to make.  Combine Fremont Mischief’s Whiskey with your favorite bubbly, orange liquor, the juice from a blood orange

Candied Cranberry Cocktail Garnish

These lovely little garnishes are the perfect holiday treat and will liven up any cocktail. They can be cooked up well in advance, we have found they last at least a week. They are also tart and delicious, we found ourselves snacking on them like candy!


2 cups (or about 1/2 a bag) of fresh cranberries
1 cup sugar

Hot Buttered Rum

(Makes 4-5 cocktails)


3/4 cup Mischief Mariner Rum
2 cups boiling water
5 tablespoons unsalted butter – softened
3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
3/4 cup packed brown sugar


Use one heaping tablespoon of butter per cocktail or to taste.

Using an electric mixer, beat the brown sugar, butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and …

Mischief Gin Cranlet Martini

Cranberries are so wonderfully tart, they make the perfect alternative to lime for a fresh gimlet. It is super easy to make your own cranberry syrup. This is a great cocktail to serve to a large gathering since you can make the syrup up ahead of time, then to make the cocktail just add gin and shake over ice to …