Sparkling Autumn Blossom

Sparkling Autumn Blossom

This month’s cocktail is fresh new combination using our own Urban Forged Apple Brandy and cinnamon infused maple syrup.  It’s just what the doctor ordered (an apple a day does keep the doctor away) on a sunny fall afternoon, and a delicious substitution for your brunch-time mimosa. Refreshing and smooth.

For one cocktail:

• 2 oz. Fremont Mischief Urban Forged Apple Brandy
• 1/2 oz. cinnamon maple syrup (recipe below)
• champagne

Fill a shaker with ice and add the Urban Forged Apple Brandy and maple cinnamon syrup. Shake well and strain into a champagne flute.  Then top with champagne and voilà!

Maple Cinnamon Syrup:

  • 1 cup Maple Syrup
  • 1 cup water
  • 8-10 sticks of cinnamon, broken up a bit
  • Zest from 1 lemon

Put water and syrup all in a sauce pan.
Break up cinnamon sticks a bit.
Using a fine grater, grate in the peel of 1 lemon.
Simmer for 15 minutes.
Strain and refrigerate. Will last 2 or more weeks.

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