Say Hello to the New Mischief

We have been busy bees here at Mischief, and are very excited to ​introduce ​​the new look of the Fremont Mischief Distillery brand. Each​ new​ label is individually crafted and illustrates a unique steampunk adventure​, but don’t worry, our famous “M” with horns and a halo is still front and center​. We have ​also ​increased the proof on our flagship Spirits (Whiskey, Gin, and Vodka) by just a wee bit while maintaining the classic flavors you know and love.

We have two new ​spirits we are thrilled to intro​​duce: Skagit Gold Straight Rye Whiskey and Mischief Barrel Finished Gin​, both are available now, and later this year we will be releasing two brand new Straight Rye Whiskeys! Stop by our Tasting Room for a taste.

Barrel Finished Gin

We Mischief’s are very enthusiastic about our new Barrel Finished Gin ​(not to impugn Skagit Gold Straight Rye Whiskey…which rocketed to our best selling whiskey after its February debut).

Mischief’s Barrel Finished Gin is a gin like no other – aged for 18 months in our very own used Mischief Whiskey barrels, our newest Gin shows great depth and ​character. We love the robust round mouthfeel highlighting flavors of ​vanilla,​ cinnamon,​ fennel, and juniper. ​It has all the amazing qualities of a barrel mixed with all the personality traits you look for in gin. Its delicious and was awarded, “Gold” & “Best of the Northwest” by Sip Magazine. Come try it for yourself!
We are experimenting with Barrel Finished Gin cocktails now, and invite you to do the same:

​To start, your taste buds on a journey, take your favorite glass, put one or two or a few ice cubes into it, pour a splash of Mischief’s Barrel Finished Gin over the top. Easy sipping! . Mmmm !! and repeat. ​
Now, you’re ready to explore the cocktail world – a whole new adventure. We welcome ​you to share your Barrel Finished Gin concoctions with us so we can share them with everyone else!

Introducing Skagit Gold Straight Rye Whiskey

From the first sip you’ll notice the pure artistry of Skagit Gold Straight Rye. It begins in the Skagit Valley, where the grain is sustainably grown in rare, black topsoil, 30’ deep. This rich soil imparts a flavor to the grains found nowhere else.
We craft the whiskey with an eye to detail. The high-rye mash (80% rye & 20% barley malt) is fermented, temperature-controlled until both alcohol & sugar measure just right. Then, we double-distill; making precise cuts for finest flavor. Lastly, we age in our premium oak barrels, crafted of air-dried American oak, custom toasted & charred, all to enhance the extraordinary whiskey flavors.

Rated “92” -Tasting Panel, 2017

“Gold Medal– Denver Int’l Spirit Competition, 2017

Come taste some in the Curiosities & Spirits Tasting Room and look for it on shelves and in our favorite bar soon!

Voted Best Distillery 2017!


For Success, Mike Sherlock Mixes One Kind of Whiskey with a Lot of Clever Thinking

Best Distillery: Fremont Mischief Distillery – Seattle Weekly 2017

Photo and Article By Jason Simms
Wednesday, August 2, 2017 1:30am | Seattle Weekly

Before he opened Fremont Mischief Distillery, Mike Sherlock built a thriving shipyard business on Lake Union by saying “Yes.”

Cut a boat in half and lengthen it? Sure! Design and build an on-board factory for processing fish? No sweat.

Sherlock, 61, the son of a welder on Whidbey Island, started a ship-repair business in 1981. It grew from a one-man operation to 300 employees before he sold it in 2008. Sherlock loved a challenge. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was laying the groundwork for a second career in distilling. Tired of working long hours and holidays (ships like to set sail right after Christmas), Sherlock and his wife, Patti Bishop, a successful software entrepreneur, left their companies to open Washington’s fourth distillery in 2009, a year after the legislature passed a law allowing such operations in the state for the first time since before Prohibition.

The new business gave Sherlock a chance to express his aesthetic and technical creativity. “Everything here is working art,” says Sherlock walking among copper and steel tanks adorned with vintage metal-framed, submarine-style round windows that you half-expect to see Jacques Cousteau peering back through. Indeed, even the drain panels at Fremont Mischief have a steampunk flourish. But the distillery’s unique look isn’t just for style. “These are the only stills in the world with wizard caps,” Sherlock says, referring to the stills’ conical tops. These, plus other modifications borrowed from the fish-processing facilities Sherlock used to build, allow the spirits to attain a higher proof much more quickly. “When you see vodka that says it’s three or five times distilled, that’s not because it makes a better vodka,” Sherlock explains. “It’s because it’s necessary to reach a high-enough proof. For us, it only takes one run.”

The result is a vodka smooth enough that, rather than being mixed in cocktails, is poured straight in Mischief’s tasting room. Vodka is relatively new to the distillery (as is gin), which has focused on rye since its beginning. In fact, it’s the only variety of whiskey produced at the distillery—notable since most distilleries don’t make a rye. Mischief makes four, which win it a ton of awards, including a gold medal from the American Distilling Institute for the Dark Northern Reserve.

Sherlock’s affinity for rye stems from partnerships with local farmers willing to take on the difficult crop, which is essentially a weed that kills other crops if not grown skillfully. From the outset, Mischief has sourced rye and barley (both ingredients in rye) from farmers across the Pacific Northwest. “The Skagit Valley has some of the richest soil in the world,” says Sherlock, who attributes some of his whiskey’s character to the rye grown here. Photos of the farmers and their fields adorn the walls of Mischief’s courtyard.

Visitors to the canal-adjacent Fremont distillery, covered in turn-of-the-century maritime-style painting by local artist Jill Carter, are likely unaware of a variety of green innovations going on behind the scenes. Again drawing on Sherlock’s experience in the shipyard, Mischief is equipped with a water-recycling system that enables the distillery to draw only 170 gallons from the city daily, even though it uses at least 3,000 total gallons each day. Other tricks employed by Sherlock are almost laughably simple. For instance, the distiller noticed that the large containers holding the distillery’s used mash held a temperature of over 100 degrees for several days. He realized he could put a fan on the containers as they awaited shipment to a farm for cow feed and heat the warehouse.

As passionate as Sherlock is about the mechanical elements of his distillery, he bursts into huge smiles talking about the spirits themselves. The two varieties of Storm Tossed Rye make for a revealing taste test. Though wildly different in character, their only difference is that they are aged in barrels on different shipping vessels. They were made as part of a charity fundraiser with the captains from Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, one of the distillery’s many philanthropic initiatives.

“What’s fun is thinking up something and then actually doing it,” Sherlock says. This seems to be the motto that guides Fremont Mischief. In the shipyard, Sherlock welcomed unusual requests. He now requests the unusual of himself. Sherlock’s latest mission is to put Fremont Mischief on the map of the neighborhood’s oddities. The distiller is a huge fan of the troll sculpture, the Lenin statue, and the Fremont Rocket. He plans to join the party by adding a 24-foot blimp to the roof of the distillery’s tasting room.

O​ur Curiosities & Spirits Tasting Room is HERE!

It’s finally here! Our new Tasting Room, Curiosities & Spirits, is now open!

Our gorgeous new steam-punk space features expanded tasting flights and mini cocktails. We have unique and vintage barware and customizable gifts we have always offered. Our new tasting menu includes mini cocktails, a spirit flight for those who want to try a variety of our spirits, a whiskey flight that includes our 5 core whiskies, and for the adventurous folks we have a reserve whiskey flight​ featuring our two Storm Tossed Rye Whiskies​.

So grab your friends and head down to Mischief for some libations in the Courtyard!  Every spirit we pour is made right here – and always from sustainable grains grown in the Skagit and Willamette Valleys.

We’ve got something for everyone so stop in and we’ll help you get into a bit of Mischief. And just a reminder, kiddos and dogs are always welcome, we serve the best water around and its always on the house!


Wednesday – Friday: 12pm – 6pm
Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 11am – 5pm


Captains Whiskey Challenge 2

We had a beautiful day & fabulous music by Septimus energized everyone at Fremont Mischief’s fundraiser Saturday May 20th. Captains, owners, fans & supporters, you have our heartfelt thanks!…we together raised $20,085 in donations.
We want to call out Doug Dixon for very special thanks! With Dan Wood assisting – your amazing auctioneering skills raised $9,900 while keeping us all well entertained!
Here is the current tally for Captains, Casks & Cocktails fundraising challenge:

  • Captain Casey & Captain Josh & crew supporting Cornelia Marie Cares: $6,035
  • Captain Sean & crew supporting ALS Development Therapy: $5,330
  • Captain Sig, Mandy, Nick & Crew supporting Sea Scouts: $5,305
  • Captain Keith/ Wizard supporting Seattle Fishermans’ Memorial: $3,415.

Congratulations! and thank you!
We want to say the notes supporters & fans wrote when they signed the barrels were touching, funny and personal – Captains, you and your crews have become family to us all. -Mike & Patti and the Mischief Crew

Missed the Captains, Casks & Cocktails party? You can still join the fun! You can still contribute to help ‘fill your favorite Captain’s barrel’. All the proceeds from your donation will go to the Captain’s charity. Your tax deductable donation to the captain’s barrel also gets you these perks!

  • 15% Discount off your first Storm Tossed2 purchase.
  • 30 day advance notice of the release, to be first in line to purchase.
  • Free Distillery tour for 2 (book tour by phone only.)


Photos courtesy of Jeff Pond Photos

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The Art of the Bar

image3What a fun time to be an adventurous drinker! Bartenders the world over are becoming more and more creative with their concoctions these days. And the common misconception is that you can only have this experience at a craft bar. You can be part of the cocktail renaissance and bring the “Art of the Bar” to your home. All you need is a great recipe, fresh ingredients, and little inspiration! Here at Mischief we are dedicated to helping you create the best cocktails down to the last detail, including barware, tested recipes and glassware. As inspired as any cocktail can be, the perfect glass always enhances the experience. A beautifully balanced cocktail made with care & creativity deserves to be sipped out of something equally as beautiful. Mischief has handpicked antique glassware and barware that Mike and Patti collect from all over the world. Stop by our Tasting Room for a little Mischief and we will help you get everything your home bar needs – including our best tested cocktail recipes. And, if you’re still trying to determine the perfect gift for your cocktail-loving friend or family, consider giving them the gift of the “Art of the Bar.”

Fremont Mischief Wins 1st Place for Vodka in Sip Northwest’s 2016 Best of the Northwest

Fremont Mischief Vodka JPG

Sip Northwest’s 2016 Best of the Northwest grand tasting competition drafted and sampled 524 wines, 282 beers, 151 spirits and 139 ciders that were sampled blind and judged by over five dozen leading beverage experts, from master sommeliers and cicerones to certified spirit judges and cider buyers, who determined the top three in each respective beverage category. The tastings led to an all-inclusive, encyclopedic catalog of winners that now have a proven track record of greatness, and awarded Fremont Mischief Vodka 1st place in the Vodka category!

Click here to see the full list

Mischief’s “Deadliest Catch” Captains Fan Party, BBQ & Auction

Fremont Mischief, with Deadliest Catch Captains Casey McManus, Josh Harris, Sig Hansen invited Fans to the Distillery for the last Fan Party, BBQ & Auction before the Captains return to the Bering Sea to fish crab and film Season 13.

Our thanks to the Captains, fans, friends & family for your incredibly generous support for the Storm Tossed Rye- Whiskey Slam fundraiser. With your help, we’ve raised $30,000 so far toward our goal of $40,000.  Also, a special thanks to Jeff Pond for taking all the wonderful photos. Bottles of Storm Tossed Rye are still available though supply is very limited. Perfect for holiday gifting – get yours today!


Photo by Jeff Pond
Rain didn’t dampen the spirited party. Fans came from as far away as Wisconsin & Iowa.


At the half-way mark of the “Storm Tossed Rye” fundraiser, Sea Scouts received a check for $20,000.


Industry legend Captain Chuck Bundrant, founder of Trident Seafoods, hoists an Alaskan crab. He’s joined by Captain Keith Colburn of the F/V Wizard and Captain Josh Harris and Captain Casey McManus of the F/V Cornelia Marie.


Lively bidding for the Cornelia Marie ships horn and other one of a kind treasures.
Lively bidding for the Cornelia Marie ships horn and other one of a kind treasures.


A generous crowd and skilled auctioneer Dan Wood garnered $1000 for the Captain's Signed Poster and...earned another $10,000 for the Sea Scouts & Fisherman's Memorial.
A generous crowd and skilled auctioneer Dan Wood garnered $1000 for the Captain’s Signed Poster and…earned another $10,000 for the Sea Scouts & Fisherman’s Memorial.


A collection of Mischief's: Captain Sig Hansen, Mike & Patti Sherlock with the Mischief crew
A collection of Mischief’s: Captain Sig Hansen, Mike & Patti Sherlock with the Mischief crew


Captain Casey giving Keith Coburn a hard time
Captain Casey giving Keith Coburn a hard time


Still having fun with that crab!


Captains, Family Fans & Friends
Captains, Family, Fans & Friends


A Spirited Whiskey Challenge from the Captains of the Deadliest Catch

Captains Challange photo of captainsStorm Tossed Rye Whiskey, the latest release from Fremont Mischief Distillery is at the heart of a spirited Whiskey Challenge between Captain Sig of the F/V Northwestern and Captain Casey and co-Captain Josh Harris of the F/V Cornelia Marie. A fund raiser for the Seattle Fisherman’s Memorial and Sea Scouts, (see the videos here) the Captain whose whiskey sells out first wins! Each Captain’s whiskey has a unique flavor.

Captain Sig’s Storm Tossed Rye: affectionately known as “bow bender”, was barrel-aged in the ship’s bow while in rough water of the West Bering Sea. It surges with deep, pungent flavor and a hint of the briny sea.

Capt. Casey & co-Capt Josh’s Storm Tossed Rye: barrel-aged in the ship’s bow while fishing the smoother waters of the North Bering Sea near the ice pack. Intense yet smooth toasted caramel, woodsy smoke & slight hint of the salty sea.

Available now!

The Wager:

Captain Sig lays down the challenge:

Captains Casey and Josh accept:

bottling cropWhere to buy:

You can buy Storm Tossed Rye for a limited time only at the following locations:

Fremont Mischief Distillery and Tasting Room

The following locations, while supplies last:

These Total Wine and More locations:

  • Southcenter
  • Olympia
  • Federal Way
  • Bellevue
  • Lynnwood
  • Puyallup
  • Northgate
  • Silverdale
  • Valley
  • North Spokane

Also available at these fine establishments:

  • Westgate Liquor & Wine, Seattle, WA
  • Metropolitan Market, Sandpoint, WA
  • Chevron Liquor, Tacoma, WA
  • Bob’s Lake City Liquors, Lake City, WA
  • Clinton Liquor Store, Clinton WA

And these fine restaurants:

  • Whiskey West, Seattle, WA
  • Ray’s Boathouse, Seattle, WA
  • Flat Iron Grill, Issaquah, WA
  • Dillinger’s, Olympia, WA

Local Farms Craft Sustainable Business – Huffington Post

Untitled1“Local”, “Organic”, and “Fair-Trade USA” are sought after products for many shoppers today. These labels are a non-negotiable staple when given the choice. The artisan, farm-to-table spirit has deep roots in the Pacific Northwest and is now proudly seen in Seattle’s-own distillery market. Home to 27 micro distilleries, Seattle is the fastest growing player in America.

Craft distillery locations increased in 2008 after the Washington State Legislature passed its original craft distillery law. Post prohibition the new law gave small distilleries the opportunity to sell their products and offer free half-ounce tastings on-site.

Dr. Jones’ research is directed towards small and midsized farms of western Washington. The goal of the western Washington breeding program is to ensure the long-term environmental and economic health of farming in Washington state while producing a food crop that is safe and high in nutritional value.

In the Fremont area of Seattle, Mike Sherlock and Patti Bishop, owners of Mischief Distillery are delighting customers with their versions of fine whiskey, vodka and gin. They have been distilling and sharing creations with their community for over 20 years. Their company builds awareness and educates visitors on the importance of the farmer and brewer relationships in Washington State.

Fremont Mischief partners with neighboring farms in King and Island Counties to ensure local ingredients are used to produce their specialty whiskey, gin and vodka spirits.

Whiskey and Meat Pairing

whiskey meet splash squareBrought to you by Fremont Mischief Distillery and Bavarian Meats

Bavarian Meats is a third-generation, family-run German delicatessen and charcuterie operated out of Seattle, Washington. Founder Max Hofstatter came to America in 1933 from Munich, Germany at age 19. Upon arriving in Seattle, Max worked as a sausage maker with plans to one day make his own. After years of refining his craft, Max’s dream became a reality. With the high-quality, traditional sausage recipes brought over with him from Germany, Max founded Bavarian Meats in 1961 in time to make his grand debut at the 1962 World’s Fair. His authentic German sausages were an incredible hit and have remained a popular Seattle staple ever since. Years later, Max passed his business down to his sons Jerry and Bob. Today, Jerry’s twin daughters Lynn and Lyla run the family business located across from Pike Place Market. Bavarian Meats prides itself on its traditional techniques and authentic flavors true to the Old Country.

Today, we at Fremont Mischief and Bavarian Meats have partnered together to collaborate on creating some meats that include our spirits as ingredients. Bavarian Meats has developed recipes for landjaegers, pepperoni, and salami that feature our whiskies, vodkas, and gin. We are so excited to work with another artisan business in the Seattle area so we can provide you with more products that are as unique as they are delicious. We will be featuring a new meat and spirit paring in our tasting room as well as meats for sale so you can take them home and create your own pairings at home!

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

John Jacob Rye Whiskey  |  Mischief Whiskey Maple Pepper Landjaeger

Aged for 2 years. 1 year in new American Oak, 1 year in one time use bourbon barrels. Tasting notes: roasted pecans, vanilla, and honey.

Traditional landjaeger base of blended beef and pork. Fermented, smoked, and dry cured. Black pepper, maple granules, and Fremont Mischief Whiskey.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Dark Northern Rye Whiskey  |  Sherry Pepper Salami

Aged for 4 years in new American Oak. Tasting notes: Earthy, woodsy with toffee flavor.

Cervelat salami: pork and beef, fermented and dry cured. Blended with sherry, crushed red pepper flakes, and fennel.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]

Fremont Mischief Whiskey | Worker’s No. 9 Vodka Pepperoni

Aged for 8 years in one-time use bourbon barrels. Tasting notes: campfire, burnt marshmallow, caramel, and toffee.

Traditional pepperoni recipe made with a blend of beef and pork. Worker’s No. 9 Vodka fused with ground fennel, black pepper, cayenne pepper, and finely ground crushed red pepper flakes.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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